NICU Support


At the end of 2017 I was informed that my Police Career was coming to an end… Not surprising, considering I was wandering around with a ‘terminal’ diagnosis and therefore a clusterfook of a risk assessment; but I was gutted all the same. I also needed a new job, and told the BBC words to that affect, when asked what 2018 would hold for me. Somewhere, deep in the Shires, a chap named Mike Burns was watching the news. I was promptly sent an message asking to meet me, flash forward a few months and I find myself with the honourable title of Trustee for NICU SUPPORT, a charity improving the supply of life-saving breast milk across the South West of England.

My daughter, Ally received donor breast milk for a short time in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and I was humbled that there are many women out there that are selflessly expressing milk for other babies in need. NICU SUPPORT collects milk from donor mums and then redistributes it across 12 Neonatal Intensive Care Units, ensuring that as many babies as possible receive this vital Lifeline. Breast milk can double the life expectancy of a premature baby, and is currently provided to all babies born before 32 weeks. It has been a challenge for me to enter the Neonatal Units; seeing other families with their babies, but it’s been something that I felt completed to do. This is not about me, this is for other families and in honour of my daughter. I am so happy to have the opportunity to be involved in this crucial service and hope to be able to raise funds and awareness for NICU SUPPORT for many years to come.

“I am so grateful to Mike and Mark, who have made all this possible for me. The three of us and all united in improving and expanding this charity further”