Motivational Events


“Whilst we have had ‘A-list celebrity’ guests before, Heidi is the one they all remember”

Heidi offers motivational talks to suit all ages and audiences. The talk can be adapted to any time frame and every talk is different. There is no pre planned script and Heidi speaks from the heart about all aspects of her situation in a surprisingly humorous manner.

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“We invited Heidi to our national conference in February 2017. We had seen her story on social media and felt it had many poignant points of reference that would resonate with our audience (financial advisers, protecting families). Given the hugely emotional nature of Heidi’s story, we thought an interview style and approach would work best and hopefully enable her story to flow in a natural and human way. Her recollection and ability to tell her story in a powerful yet moving way, achieved exactly what we hoped for. Her ability to draw on some of the most sad moments of her life and turn them into lessons for others was so inspiring; whilst she was spoke, the room fell silent  (apart from occasional sniffing) as we all held our breath waiting for the next instalment. The standing ovations she received were testament to what she helped us deliver that day. Her story continues, as do our delegates enquiries about her. Whilst we have had A list celebrity guests before, Heidi is the one they all remember and ask after! 

 Heidi is one brave lady whose courage, energy and relentless positivity can inspire any audience. Her tragic, yet uplifting story comes with raw credibility. She will forever be our hero”

Toni Smith

Chief Operating Officer
PRIMIS Mortgage Network