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HEIDI’S Lifeline Book

Don’t like swearing? After some yodelling? 

Then this book probably isn’t for you.

Heidi’s Lifeline is a breathtakingly personal account of Heidi’s early years leading up to the trials, tribulations and tragedies of her cancer diagnosis and the devastating loss of her beautiful daughter Ally. The Met Police officer was offered an abortion by doctors, who told her she should start life-saving treatment immediately that would be harmful to her unborn baby. This book is a positive, life affirming tale told in Heidi’s own feisty and witty way. Heidi’s lifeline has been her ability to reflect on her own experiences to inform people about IBC, how she deals with grief and how to be a ‘kick ass’ human, it tackles three important questions; How is a book about such dark events so funny, what is the true meaning of fortitude and who the hell is Mandy Bumscum?