Cycle Challenge


“I will never stop setting myself challenges and targets as I’m far too stubborn to let cancer define me and my life”

When I became a Trustee for NICU Support i knew an annual bike ride was one of the main fundraisers for the charity.

In 2018 the bike ride was arranged in my honour, in the sense that my name was plastered all over our support vehicles and I was asked if it was possible for someone with stage 4 incurable cancer, to manage the challenge of a Coast to Coast bike ride. My answer was “I can bloody do it”. (Then I secretly crapped myself as the thought of 3 days with a small bike seat wedged up my arse descended on me). 

But then it wouldn’t be a challenge if it was easy. For me, every day is a challenge, the challenge to keep going with the grief of my daughter’s death, the challenge I face every 3 weeks when I have Chemotherapy, the challenge that I will never be free of cancer. The challenge of raising 2 small children and wondering if this will be the year I die.

Last year I completed the Coast to Coast Challenge and this year I will do the same again but with Lady Sarra Hoy by my side, or miles out in front trying to chase her husband, Sir Chris Hoy! As fellow parents of a premature baby, I am absolutely honoured to have them cycle with me this year. Sarra has become a good friend of mine and is also a crucial cog in the machine of ‘Heidi’s Gloves’. Sarra is helping me to promote these gloves within Neonatal Intensive Care Units and has been a pillar of support through the birth and death of Ally. The funds raised through Heidi’s Challenge will be used to bolster the use of Heidi’s Gloves and subsequently enhance the role that NICU support plays in Neonatal Units.